Prologue: Letters to God

July 13, 2020

Dear God,

Hi! I’m Emily Jones! I’m 8 years old. Our teacher, Mrs. Browning, told us to write a letter to someone, so I’m writing one to you!

I want to ask you a question. Why did you make the big black thing between us and the sun? When I asked my mommy, she said that God works in misterious ways… I think that’s what she said. When I asked my big brother, he said that it was a black hole. But since I wanted to know, I want to ask you!

So, God, why did you create that big black thing up there? I don’t think you knew, but when you made that black thing, you made grabity reverse every time our side of the Erth face it. I think that the Erth is our planet, but I’m not very sure. It maeks sense, though. My brother says that it doesn’t make sense, as a black hole, which is what the big black thing is called, shouldn’t have ran domly appeared between Erth and the Sun. He also says that the moon shouldn’t appear every single night, either. My brother’s smart, isn’t he!

Did you make the black thing because someone made you ngry? If that’s why, then God, let me say sorrry for whoever did it. I know that some people might be bad, but a lot of people here are good! Like my mom and dad, my brother, Mrs. Browning, and a lot of other people I know! So I’m writing my letter to you so that you can pull away that big black thing! If that’s not enough, then I’ll add in 3 of my candies and a free coupon for a milkshake I found! You like milkshakes up there too, right?

I hope this reaches you. My mommy says that the big black thing is a poortal into somewhere devine, so I hope this reaches you. (My brother says it won’t, but I don’t believe him!) When grabity reverses, I’ll make this into a ball with the candies and coupon, and I’ll drop it! I hope you read my letter!


Emily Jones,

3rd Grader!








December 23, 2023

Dear God,

Hi. This is Em Jones. God, please, I hope you listen to me. I know we haven’t talked in a while, but… please. Listen.

Three days ago, my brother was working at his scientific building. They had been studying for a while how to destroy the black hole between us and the Sun. According to my brother, they were extremely close to a way to destroying it. He and his friends were testing when a group attacked the building they were working.

The group were religious terrorists who thought the black hole was a work of God. To be honest, I couldn’t blame them. Since I know a bit more about the world, the black hole should be theoretically impossible. A black hole this close should be destroying the Earth. Instead, it’s reversing our gravity every time our side of the Earth faces it, sucking in anything that’s not bolted to the ground… including us. But we’re humans, and we’ve learned to live with it. You understand that, right, God?

So this group attacked my brother’s building. The security guards and the terrorists fought all over the building, until one of the terrorists tried to kill my brother’s friends.

Then my dumb, stupid, brave brother did something stupid. Instead of running, instead of being with us, he tackled the terrorist out of a window. Since they were on the second floor, nobody got badly hurt.

Then the black hole appeared over the horizon. Gravity started to reverse, and the terrorist and my brother started to lift slowly off the ground.

As the black hole got more larger, and my brother and the terrorist started to float faster toward the black hole, my brave, brave, idiotic brother did something even more stupid.

He threw the terrorist through the window of the last floor of the building. Since he did that… he couldn’t get up in time, and he flew toward the black hole.

God… my brother’s name is Brian. God, if you are as good as my mom says, if you are as merciful as the Bible says, please bring my brother back. He is stupid, and kind, and brave, and… God, he is good. Please. Let me see my brother again, God. Please. I’ll sacrifice everything, God. I’ll give myself. Please bring my brother back. Please let him be wrong about it being a black hole, and please let the black hole actually be a portal into your world. God, please, bring him back.

Em Jones








March 1st, 2028

God (if you even exist),

Fuck you.

Em Jones

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